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Alicia s gay brother, and the only friend the show allows her to have besides Kalinda. If these supporting characters are meant to jar the leads out of any stasis, Owen s role is to force the repressed Alicia to discuss her feelings and even, sometimes, her desires.

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Edelstein was the fictional version of Mark Zuckerberg if Zuckerberg had sued The Social Network and he/Jack Carpenter has been in two other episodes. I sort of think that Neil Gross and Chumhum are the main tech company foil on The Good Wife ?

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It s a hard thing with the Good Wife judges, and judges on legal procedural shows in general: No matter how good the actor is, they do tend to blend together. The Cuesta character was also a client of Diane s in "The Penalty Box" in Season 8. But if memory serves, he can no longer preside over one of their cases because of that? Does that mean bye, bye, David Paymer forever? Sad!

As the character whom Alicia at first thought should get the associate position over Anna Camp s Caitlin, Martha pops up every once in a while. And seems pissed, still.

I know Matthew Perry is a funny actor. But post-Chandler, I so prefer him bringing his edgy sarcasm which verges on angry-sounding to dramas than to half-hour comedies such as Go On and the late Mr. Sunshine . As Peter s governor s race rival, the delightful liar Mike Kresteva, Perry has been terrific: I wouldn t necessarily want Peter to win? But against Kresteva I do. He also hasn t been on enough and won t be in the finale, which doesn t really make sense but I realize that he has another television show on another network.

With its boundlessly entertaining fifth season, which wrapped up on Sunday with a wonderfully giddy finale, The Good Wife has once again proven that it's the best drama on network TV.

I would have thought the Victoria Adler character had been on more episodes: As Diane s former mentor, who has turned out to be corrupt and sabotaging, she had made an impression. Kate Burton specializes as a recurring guest star: Scandal , Grey s Anatomy , and Grimm . But she s dead on two of those Grey s and Grimm so maybe we ll see her again here.

As far as those bottom-dwellers go, there s no blame to be meted out here. It s not the actors faults, and it s not the writers faults, either. If the show is going to continue to take wild swings and offer us high points, there will be lows too. I appreciate the ambition. And if every judge and every friend of the Florrick kids had some memorably wacky attribute that stood out in our minds for all time, the show would be The Practice , and we d all want to scream in frustration.

I miss this BabyBjorn-wearing investigator! Who, despite wearing a baby all the time, was insanely driven. Tim Guinee is on Revolution sometimes and frankly, that s not a good enough reason not to be on The Good Wife .

The Good Wife is sophisticated fun that lacks the ponderous pretentiousness that often makes other 'quality dramas' feel like a chore.

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