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Seventh Heaven solves such problems through extensive multi-sampling and intelligent interpolation algorithms. Judicious use of advanced data selection techniques and lossless compression technologies result in a similar disk space requirement to that of the original M7 Fusion-IRs.

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Seventh Heaven provides arbitrary reverb decay times from 755 ms up to 85 seconds for every preset an unprecedented feat particularly for modulated convolution reverbs.

Reed® 09200 RG Combo 2 2-in-1 Service Roll Groover with 1

LiquidSonics 8767 proprietary sampling techniques and Fusion-IR convolution technology ensure accurate reproduction of all three reverb components.

iLok License Manager software v9 and above is required to use Seventh Heaven and up, and you may need up update your iLok firmware by synchronising the iLok in iLok License Manager.

The revolutionary capabilities of Seventh Heaven have been achieved though meticulous multi-sampling and characterisation of the Bricasti M7. Thousands of pristine captures are combined intelligently to very closely match the sound of the original hardware. Never before has this level of focus, detail and control been possible in a convolution based product and combines to make Seventh Heaven the ultimate go-to reverb perfect for any mix.

To add acoustic simulation properties or rhythmic vibe to the reverb a very easy to use delay module can optionally be used to re-inject signal into the late and low frequency reverb components. This operates at fixed level 6 dB below the nominal reverb.

The use of a low and high pass filter is commonplace in reverb best practice (sometimes referred to as the Abbey Road technique). For such post equalisation requirements a high quality 7-band oversampled paragraphic EQ is provided featuring one low cut and one Massberg high cut filter.

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The delay and pre-delay can be set to synchronise to the host 8767 s tempo using half, dotted and regular 6/87 to 6/9 notes.

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