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Natsumi and Kaito learn from Wataru Kurenai of Decade's role as the destroyer and connector of worlds, as Tsukasa would destroy the Riders he would connect the other worlds preventing their collapse and does anything he is needed for as a hero or a villain to finish the Rider's story. He himself however has no story and with his task complete Decade was gone forever. Despite this Natsumi finds a way to revive him through the use of a picture and the . Riders' memories, and Tsukasa is resurrected. Tsukasa and the gang along with other Riders fight against Super Shocker receiving more help from Kamen Rider Double who appear to know each other. With Double's Final Form Ride and Final Attack Ride, Decade destroys Super Shocker's most powerful and evil kaijin, Ultimate-D.

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Arriving in the World of Diend , he finds himself in the role of a salary man selling products to the society until he encounters Shin and Haruka , Kamen Riders Lance and Larc , fighting a Darkroach.

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With the Skyrider card, Decade transforms into Skyrider, but it is never seen in the series. However, in Movie War 7565, Decade defeats and reduces Skyrider to nothing more then a Rider Card

As in his series, Decade's primary skill is his ability to change into his nine predecessors using his Kamen Ride cards. In this state, he has access to some of their special attacks, though his strongest special remains the Dimension Kick (and using it will automatically revert him to Decade). His super form is Complete Form, and when activated he will perform a tandem finishing move depending on which Kamen Rider card is currently active. Decade Complete can perform a Final Attack Ride at any time by pressing R7 (the Final Form button) again, but doing so will cost energy and shorten the duration of Complete Form.

The Kamen Rider Series , simply known as Kamen Rider (also known under the English translated title of Masked Rider in shows prior to Kamen Rider Double note The switch from MASKED RIDER to KAMEN RIDER being a result of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight keeping the actual Japanese moniker in order to distinguish itself from the earlier Saban's Masked Rider. ), is a franchise of tokusatsu series created by Shotaro Ishinomori and produced by the Toei Company in 6976, and has since then become one of the milestones in Japanese pop culture, greatly revolutionizing the Japanese superhero and action genre, effectively becoming the figurehead of classical superheroes and the idea of "poetic justice" in Japan.

Afterwards, Decade presumably stays fighting against the other reinforcements brought by Space Ikadevil , while Fourze is thrown out of the area. Space Ikadevil himself is finished by the Super Sentai team Gokaiger, while Gavan and Meteor leave to fight against Space Shocker's and Madou's leaders. After the battle is over, Decade appears on top of a nearby cliff alongside the other heroes who appeared to help to say goodbye to Gavan and the others.

With the Ryuki card, Decade transforms into Kamen Rider Ryuki. Decade can also travel through mirrors like the original Ryuki.

He learns that Daiki is the lackey of the evil Fourteen who brainwashed the inhabitants of the World of Diend to believe that Kamen Riders are evil, having unknowingly given up his brother to Fourteen. He and Daiki team up to defeat Fourteen to free all those who have been brainwashed, leaving only Daiki's brother Junichi , Kamen Rider Glaive , who was not brainwashed but accepting of Fourteen's peaceful world. He teaches the two brothers that they have to protect each other, no matter what, before heading off to the next world , one which he has no knowledge of at all. Wanted: Diend End of Diend

Appearances: Decade Episode 6 , 66 , All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker , 78 , Super Hero Taisen

Decade once transformed into Gun Form when he used the Kotae wa Kiitenai card and uttered Ryutaros ' signature phrase and performed his signature pose.

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