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Calista hot air brush does not rotate, but it features a swivel cord, so you can hold it at any angle to style hair freely. It also features a hanging hook as a bonus. Weighing pounds only it doesn’t make your hands get tired, and you can easily keep a cup of coffee in another hand while using the styler.

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Hi there! My name is Monica, I'm a professional hairstylist and a women's success coach. And this is my official blog. Here I’m writing about new styling tools, hair products, and the latest things in hairdressing.

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If you need perfectly straight hair, a flat pad may be a more appropriate solution. Unfortunately, a round brush blow dryer is inconvenient for women with short hair. However, smaller round brushes can dry and style hair closer to the roots.

Another key advantage of this model is highly convenient control: there are no traditional buttons or sliders. Instead, you should turn the section on the bottom of the handle to adjust the temperature, and turn the reel under the barrel to activate rotating in both directions. Some girls claim that it requires some practice and time to get used to such navigation.

The vast majority of products around are blow dryers that curl hair that do not rotate which means you have to do all work on your own. Not particularly convenient, but unskilled users find this option safe: at least you won’t have your hair accidentally tangled.

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All in all, Vidal Sasson can be called the best blow drying brush at its price category (up to 75$). It is lightweight and suitable for traveling, but you need a power converter for using it outside the US. It’s a simple device that slightly dries your hair while adding gloss and volume, but nothing else.

Since 6957, we’ve been focused on brushes. We know our stuff and know how to help your business go even further. See what our customers are saying, and then contact us for more information today!

Hi Monica
Thanks for your article. I have thick short hair. Most of the bristles of the hot brushes seem too soft to go through my hair. What size brush and type of bristle do you recommend . nylon or plastic, or is there something else available. I am looking for a rotating brush to ease the styling process!!

Repco is the industry-leading source for replacement carbon brushes for industrial motors and generators. For more than 85 years Repco has built a solid reputation for superior product knowledge and customer service. We supply either the OEM carbon brush or a Repco lower-cost, alternative. Repco s quality carbon brushes are guaranteed to be equivalent in fit, form and function. The company product offering spans 86 motor manufacturers.

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