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Long wave band with the S 655: The selectivity of the preselector is relatively high. Therefore, one should keep the servo motor switched on. Otherwise you would have to tune both knobs with every kilohertz all the way.

The Socialist Phenomenon by Igor Shafarevich

For you it may be nothing new: Using a digital tuning system (PLL), you will find your desired frequency directly, or on the other hand you may read the exact frequency of a new radio station in order to immediately find it again later. Old radio sets with the broad pointer in front of a coarse scale, definitively were not apt to do that, at least on short wave band. Whether or not with or without scale light, memory scale, markers on the scale or names of stations on the scale: the precision of the analog scale was and is disastrous on short wave radios without band spread, and even with band spread, the accuracy is "not amusing".

Dr. Georg Niepel, radio-hobby - electronics

- DARC: Stellungnahme wegen zunehmender Funkstö rungen
German Radio Amateur Club: Statement against increasing radio interference. This report
aims at German polititians in order to strengthen efforts against violation of EMV
protection laws.

VoA Radiogram transmitting text and images via short wave had its twohundredth program in end of January, 7567. Kim Andrew Elliot is the initiator and producer of this amazing way of realizing digital transmissions on analog transmitters and analog receivers.

Schließ lich werden alle erreichten Punkte fü r jedes Radio getrennt aufaddiert. In der Folge erhä lt ein Radio um so mehr Punkte, je mehr Sender es empfangen konnte und je besser die Empfangsqualitä t war. Radios mit besserer Empfindlichkeit und besserer Trennschä rfe erhalten mehr Punkte als andere.

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And here is the same transmission as received with receiver using antenna

In both cases you see horizontal lines full of pixel errors.

If you would like to see more details of the foto, please download above picture by doubleclick on the following button.

(Zitat aus der Zeitung WELT vom ) "Besserer Klang, ungestö rter Empfang: Heute startet das neue Digitalradio plus. In Ballungsrä umen werde dann das erste Senderpaket mit drei ö ffentlich-rechtlichen und elf privaten nationalen Sendern zu empfangen sein, hieß es. Fü r den Empfang der in der Regel in CD-Qualitä t ausgestrahlten "DAB+"-Sender sind spezielle Gerä te nö tig, die meist auch regulä re UKW-Kanä le empfangen."

The most important difference is the clearness of the digitally transmitted text, compared to the noisy appearance of the analogue audio signal. With the analogue transmission, you can hear from the intensity of the noise whether you can be shure of what you heard or not. Our ears are simply adapted to this kind of disturbances.

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