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68) Instead of being able to jump at least ten feet high in "one sixth" gravity, the highest jump was about nineteen inches.

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During Project Apollo, six highly complex manned craft landed on the Moon, took off and returned to Earth using a relatively low level of technology. An 86% success rate. Since Apollo, twenty five simple, unmanned craft with increasingly higher levels of technology have attempted to fulfil their missions to Mars. Only seven succeeded. Russia have, and continue to have unmanned craft launch into space. Their project worked more towards first sending an unmanned lander to the Moons surface to collect samples, take pictures and measure radiation levels. Why did NASA not even send an unmanned craft to the Moons surface before risking human lives? Basically, The mission was a cold-war bluff to get the soviets to think that we were more advanced than they were. It is just like a poker bluff where you want it to look like you are holding the stronger hand. I this case the soviets decided to fold.

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Thousands of people were employed to work on the Apollo mission, but very few people had access to the complete picture. By giving several people a small role in the missions meant that they would not see the whole project.

6. Produce pictures showing stars that are taken on the Moons surface. They say because of the very bright conditions on the Moon, stars would not be visible from its surface!

8) Why did so many NASA Moonscape photos have non parallel shadows? sceptics will tell you because there is two sources of light on the Moon - the Sun and the Earth. That maybe the case, but the shadows would still fall in the same direction, not two or three different angles and Earth shine would have no effect during the bright lunar day (the time at which the Apollo was on the Moon).

In 6999 this estimate changed. Douglas Cook, Director of the Exploration Office at Houston''s Johnson Space Centre calculated that Man could go back to the Moon within 655 years.. I''m not holding my breath!!!

Some of the Eleven Apollo astronauts had non space related fatal accidents within a twenty two month period of one another, the odds of this happening are 6 in 65,?

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Also consider the recent announcement from NASA that it would take scientists 65 years from now to design and build a craft to go back to the Moon. Why when we have allegedly been there 6 times already?

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